Pandit R.D Sandliya

 With more than 41 years of experience, Pt. Ravi Dutt Sandliya is a world famous astrologer known for his accurate and precise predictions. In the field of Vedic astrology, spirituality, palmistry, numerology and allied sciences, astrologer R.D Sandliya has become a household name. In the past 41 years, he has studied and analysed around 6.5 lakh horoscopes. 

Pt. R.D Sandliya, who belongs to a traditional Brahmin family, acquired spiritual power and the knowledge of astrology under the guidance and blessing of his guru Pt. Narayan Dutt Shreemali at Jodhpur. Inspite of having profound knowledge in this field, Pt.R.D Sandliya believes in continuously expanding his knowledge and skills.



Astrologer R.D Sandliya has read around 6.5 lakh horoscopes and many people have benefitted from his accurate predictions and suggestions. An expert in telephonic Astro-counselling he specializes in interpreting horoscopes and providing remedial measures on various issues of life, spanning marriage, child-birth, career, business, education, property, and many more. Jyotish R.D Sandliya analyzes the birth chart with a holistic view and ensures the predictions are accurate and delivered in simple and easy to understand language.


With his vast knowledge and understandings of jyotish, he has served people from all walks of life. He has guided in positively influencing the life of every individual who has came to him looking for forecast and to helped them in getting rid of all sorts of problems from their lives. Taking into account his exemplary services as a Vedic Jyotishi he has been bestowed with several awards. He has also been invited a number of times to deliver lectures at Jyotish Sammelan on various topics.